5 Feb

“A facial treatment for the body”

Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask – new body product by the multi-awarded Swedish skincare line M Picaut.

Red wine grape seeds and natural salicylic acid from willow are exiting ingredients in M Picaut’s new body product.

– The idea behind our body line is to create like a facial treatment, but for the body.
Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask is one of our ”2-in-1” products that both exfoliates and gives your skin a beauty treatment, says Mette Picaut, founder and CEO at M Picaut.

Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask is the fourth product in the M Picaut skincare line. Previous products are: shower gel Happy Sparkling Body Wash, body oil Goodness Glow All Over Dry Oil and body lotion Crème de la Crème Body Lotion.

– The concept for our body line is Ecoluxury, premium products loaded with natural ingredients. Our new body exfoliant prepares the skin so that the other body products are better and deeper absorbed into the skin, says Mette Picaut, founder of the many times awarded skincare line made in Sweden.

One of the most exiting ingredients in the body peel mask is extracts from red wine grape seeds.

– My husband Eric, who also works for the company, is from France. This is of course a subtle shout out to him. As far as I know, M Picaut is the first Swedish skincare line that uses grape seeds, which is in line with our vision; to use only to best from Mother Nature and to offer cutting edge products.

Wine grape seeds are rich in anti oxidants, for example vitamin C with it’s anti-ageing properties and vitamin E which protects the skin from free radicals. Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask also contains natural salicylic acid from willow.

– I’m completely in love with this ingredient! The natural acids both gentle and extremely gentle, removes old deals skin cells, boosts cellular rejuvenation and gives the skin fresh, smooth and vitalised, says Mette Picaut.

Willow bark has deep cleansing anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect for problem prone skin like keratosis polaris (bumpy skin on arms) ans acne. It also strengthens the skins top barrier layer, retains moisture.

– This is really a product that suits many, from teenagers to men and women with mature skin. Basically a unisex product for all ages.

Other ingredients in the body peel mask are calming and soothing aloe vera, anti-bacterial lemon myrtle and M Picuat’s signature ingredient: sea buckthorn, loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants.

Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask (200 ml) is available with authorised resellers, spas and online stores.

Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask

  •  body peeling and beauty mask, a 2-in-1 product.
  •  Anti-age effect på huden med silkeslen yta.
  •  Suits men and women of all ages.
  •  Organic ingredients.
  •  Boosts cellular rejuvenation for a smoother skin.
  •  Extracts from grape seeds protect from free radicals.
  •  Deep cleansing natural salicylic acid from willow bark.
  •  Healing lemon myrtle for mature and blemished skin.

How to:

  1. Take a small amount of Amazing Effortless Body Peel Mask and massage onto damp skin.
  2. Leave the product on the skin for a few minutes.
  3. Rinse off with warm water.
  4. For sensitive skin: dilute the mask with a few drops of water, keep on adding a little water for a milder peeling. Massage lightly and rinse off.
  5. For a deeper effect: apply mask directly on dry skin. Add water, little by little. Let the mask stay on for a few minutes longer.  
  6. Use: once a week, or as often as your skin may need it, depending on skin type.