The winner is…

There are many of us that love M Picaut skincare products. Since the launch in January 2010 we’ve won several Beauty Awards and received lots of attention in the blog world. Here is some of the acclaim.

On the Podium

  • M Picaut – Winner of 5 categories at Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018, also Best Scandinavian Skincare & Editor´s Choice 2018
  • M Picaut Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask – Tara Beauty Awards 2017
  • M Picaut Goodness Glow All Over Dryoil – Swedish Beauty Awards 2017
  • M Picaut – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, Best Scandinavian Skincare and Best Organic Skincare in Scandinavia
  • M Picaut Hydra Miracle Serum, Precious Eye Cream, Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser, Nourishing Cleanser and Calming Cocoon Cream – Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, 1st price in their resp. categories
  • M Picaut Goodness Glow All Over Dryoil – Organic Beauty Awards 2017
  • M Picaut Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser – Facial Product of the Year
  • Detox Skin Moisturiser – INSTYLE Best Beauty Buy 2015 in Poland
  • Precious Eye Cream – INSTYLE Best Beauty Buy 2014 in Poland
  • M Picaut Exfoliating Peel Mask INSTYLE Best Beauty Buy 2012 in Poland
  • Nourishing Cleanser – INSTYLE Best Beauty Buy 2011 in Poland
  • Precious Oil – INSTYLE Best Beauty Buy 2011 in Poland
  • M Picaut PRO line – GLAMOUR best Beauty Treatment with professional Beauty Salons 2012
  • M Picaut Precious Oil – BOUCLE D’OR Top 10 Essential Product, 2012 in Canada
  • Exfoliating Peel Mask – Plaza Woman Top Hit of the Year 2011
  • M Picaut Precious Oil – TARA Beauty Awards 2010
  • M Picaut Nourishing Cleanser – TARA Beauty Awards 2010


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