The idea of my own skincare line was born
at home on the couch!

A quick meeting over a cup of coffee, with a doctor in chemistry changed Mette Picauts entire life. Her love for organic oils was created by experimenting in her kitchen, the rest is pure magic in a bottle and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Here is Mette’s own story of how it all began.

I worked as a full-time model between 1989 and 2000. This was when I first got interested in skincare. Everyone was obsessed with the pursuit of the perfect complexion. Photo retouching was not so common back then as it is now. But the idea of my own skincare line was born by chance, at home on the couch. I was 40 years old and I was studying to become a nurse. At the moment I was on maternity leave with my second child. One afternoon, I had coffee with a good friend of the family who has a PhD in chemistry. I borrowed some books about aroma therapy from her and all of sudden a whole new world opened! The very next day, in my kitchen, I started mixing my own organic oils.
It didn’t take long until my shelves were packed with glass tubes and beaters. But if someone had told me then that one day I’d run my own cosmetics company, I’d laugh. In time, I became a real Beauty geek. I still am, and I’m very proud of it. When I go in for something I do it one hundred percent, with a persistence that even surprises myself. I see beauty in total dedication. To pay particular attention to something specific, and to dare to go the whole way. The love for the very basics in Beauty, for the ingredients, is the core of my business and something I care for very much. Although there are product developers, chemists and all sorts of experts around me nowadays, I’m still very involved in every product to make sure to keep the soul and the presence of the whole process. I still read about every single ingredient and test every single product and ingredients on myself first to see how the skin reacts. This is what makes my brand unique. Besides the feeling and the love for the ingredients, I believe my motto is hurry slowly. Allowing the process to take its time to develop something special. If I notice that a new product in the pipeline doesn’t make you go wow, I simply withdraw the project. I feel that there’s no meaning in making a product that doesn’t have a clear purpose or that won’t make a difference for those who use it. There’s no point in being just another product on the shelf. A product from M Picaut to be Scandinavian beauty in a jar; luxurious and with as high content of organic ingredients as possible, free from allergens and it should be that little extra something that makes the skin feel its very, very best.