M Picaut – Filosofi


I believe in “Less is More” when it comes to skincare products. Nature offers almost all we need. The ingredients in the M Picaut line come from clean crops, which makes choosing the ingredients easy, as the farmers responsibility cares for his crops, always keeping the environment in mind. To use soft cocoa butter over a synthetic ingredient is an obvious choice. With active peptides, which offer proven results, M Picaut Skin Perfect Moisturiser is a fantastic cream and an exciting blend between the cleanest products nature can provide and the most effective results research can achieve. To reconcile opposites and explore new territory is important to me, which is reflected in my products. Underlying thoughts of our choices of ingredients are effectivity, spirituality, and closeness to nature, irrelevant of what part of the word, or research, they come from. I want you to not only be able to give yourself effective beauty care, but to do so with a good conscience, knowing you are making a difference by contributing to a cleaner environment.