5 Feb

Ask the Skin Expert: How to treat Perioral Dermatitis

Bumps, rashes and redness around mouth and nose. Perioral dermatitis is an inflammatory skin disease very common in women between the ages 20–30. Skin therapist Jill Garpefors, who uses M Picaut skincare products at her own salon Ça Va (Hovås, Sweden), knows how to treat the condition.

Hi Jill! What is perioral dermatit?

– Perioral dermatit is an inflammatory skin condition related to rosacea but is located around the mouth. It is most common with fair-skinned people and sometimes appears for no obvious reason. But long-term use of strong cortisone creams, strong perfumes or facial cleansers containing skin-irritating soap may be a triggers.

How often do you receive patients with these symptoms?

– A few every month, and it is getting more and more common. I believe this is due to increasing availability of strong products, especially online. The client isn’t always aware of that he or she has perioral dermatit. Using right products for your skin is key. Never buy something someone mentioned ”was great”. What suits them might not suit you! I can really recommend a visit with a skin therapist who does skin analysis and thereafter picks out products based on your skin’s needs.

How do I know if I have perioral dermatit?

– A typical symptom is reddish skin in the area around mouth and nose. This may later turn into small bumps and blisters. Slight itching and burning can also occur.

What kind of products do you recommend?

– During flare-up it is important not to use any products. It may be tough in the beginning but should really let irritated skin area calm down. On the rest of the face you may use products suited for sensitive skin like Calming Cocoon Cream. It contains organic avocado, coco nut oil, wild yam and natural phytosterols that soothes stressed skin and helps improving imbalances in the skin.
Once the skin has calmed down you can introduce it to Calming Cocoon Cream. Start gently, for example twice a week.
Before applying the face cream clean your face with Nourishing Cleanser. It is a mild and a non-irritant sulphate free make-up remover, rich in moisturising oliv oil and nourishing sea buckthorn.

Anything to keep in mind during summer?

– To much sun can cause or aggravate the condition. Always use SPF 50 and a hat.

Any other tips?

– Yes. It is very commonly caused by over activating the skin. For example: excessive washing, exfoliating or use of strong skin care products. Many with perioral dermatitis already has a sensitive skin and the condition may get worse if you stretch out the blod vessels hot drinks, too much alcohol or spicy food. Extreme heat and cold can also affect. It is very important that you avoid to pick or pop the blisters.

What are the chances getting rid of this condition?

It may clear on its own, but it may take time. Anything from a few weeks to a couple of months. If it doesn’t, it’s important to visit a dermatologist.

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Jill Garpenfors, owner of Beauty Salon Ça Va, Hovås, Sweden