M Picaut winner of Bodycare of the Year

The citrus-scenting body oil Goodness Glow All Over Dry Oil by M Picaut, wins first price in the category Bodycare of the Year at Swedens largest beauty awards; Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2017.

– I am thrilled! Last year we won in the category Facial Product of the Year. And now, our body oil from our body care series is the winner. It’s amazing! says Mette Picaut about the award.

The body oil Goodness Glow All Over Dry Oil won first price in the category Bodycare of the Year at the prestigious Swedish Beauty Awards 2017.

“A body oil, not only with a heavenly citrus scent but it also deeply moisturises your skin. A true Swedish craftsmanship with credibility in a luxurious and elegant packaging.” was the jurys statement.

– This is extra rewarding since this oil is somewhat of a personal favourite of mine, acting like a serum for the body. It also contains rose hip oil, which is unusual i body care products, containing vitamin A with anti-age properties. I am glad that my concept of facial treatment for the body has been acknowledged, says Mette Picaut.

Goodness Glow All Over Dry Oil is an ultralight luxury oil that is easily absorbed. As well as ros hip oil it aslo contains oils and extracts from sea buckthorn, chia seeds, jojoba and swedish grown camelina oil with anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Combined they give the skin a deep boost of nutrition, glow and ant-age effect.

I believe part of the reason it won is due to it’s versatility. You can use on your hair, skin and nails. And the scent is magic, all natural and uplifting. It makes you happy.

This award to M Picauts first body oil has been motivating.
– We have already started developing a fourth body product to complete the series. We plan to release it by the end of 2017/2018, says Mette Picaut.

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M Picaut winner of international awards

Five product by M Picaut won first price at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017, in UK. On top of that the brand also won in the categories Best Scandinavian Skincare and Best Organic Skincare in Scandinavia.

– I’m extremely happy and proud! says Mette Picaut, the founder of the Swedish skincare success.

The facial serum Hydra Miracle Serum, the eye cream Precious Eye Cream, the cleansers Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser and Nourishing Cleanser, as well as Calming Cocoon Cream all won first price in their respective categories at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017 in UK. On top of that the brand also won in the categories Best Scandinavian Skincare and Best Organic Skincare in Scandinavia.

– It’s feels almost unreal that our products have won first price at British foremost list of beauty products. Especially since there were 550 competing brands and thousands of products admitted from 38 different countries! But I do believe that our advanced, result-oriented organic skincare is something that attract many, says Mette Picaut about the awards.

– Winning a Beauty Shortlist Award is not a walk in the park. The products are judged by multiple experts and have to emerge with an overall ranking of 10 (sometimes 9) from each judge with extremely favourable comments covering ingredients, texture, packaging, the brand’s ethics and more considerations – which is why brands that did so well, like M.Picaut, are absolute “stand-outs”.
For me personally, M. Picaut ticked the clean, green boxes wonderfully, but it was the light, fresh textures, intelligently-handpicked natural extracts and oils and the strong feel-good, comfort factor and emotional appeal that made it stand out for me – and the other judges gave it great rankings, too, which was wonderful, says Fiona Klonarides about M Picaut Swedish Skincare.


We won Swedish Beauty Awards 2016

Congratulations Mette Picaut, who took home first prize in this year’s Facial Skincare Product of the Year at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2016. You won among 30 brands and 50 products. How does it feel?

Somewhat surprised, extremely fun and almost a bit unreal! The fact that one of our products wins the largest and most prestigious gala for beauty and cosmetics feels like a great reward. And that an organic product wins first prize on an extremely competitive market is awesome. It’s a real confirmation of how important it is to stay true to yourself, to follow your passion and to stay with your long term vision.

What does this award mean to you?

When I was up there on stage to accept the award, I couldn’t help but look over the more than 400 people in the audience and think “it all started with a whisk in the kitchen”! To see all the big international companies represented – and there it was I to receive this award … It was truly a “David versus Goliath” feeling.

What does it mean to M Picaut?

I hope that this will pave the way for other strong Swedish brands within the beauty industry. We, at M Picaut have a solid concept and a tone that the audience love and we succeed in delivering great, luxurious products that are received in the best way. I am very grateful.

Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser’s a relatively new product, does this spur you on to further expand the skincare line?

Yes, I always work with the focus on the future. M Picaut was born out of caring for our environment. I wanted to create a product containing the very best for Nordic skin. And I have this passion to create something unique and more advanced than other green brands. So there’s a lot to look forward to …

Why do you think that Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser has become so popular?

It is an amazingly clean and sensual product that offers an experience of fragrance and balance without being predictable. Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser is entirely made of ”no nasties”. We use natural ingredients like Cucumber Juice, Sea Buckthorne, Lemon Myrtle that gently cleanse the skin. It just makes you happy. And it’s fluffy. Who can resist that?!

What does spring and summer look like at M Picaut?

We’ll be doing the final fine tuning for the fall launches. I will lecture at Glam Day, June 11th, organized by Daisy Beauty Magazine. Also, I have a lot of events at spas and skincare salons around Sweden where I hope to meet lots of lovely customers there.

About the Award

Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser – Winner of  Facial Skincare Product of the Year at Swedish Beauty Awards, 2016.
Jury’s motivation: ”This silky smooth citrus-scented eco-cleansing foam effectively cleans without drying out”

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Wonderful blogg love from Germany!

It’s always great and lots of fun reading other beauty bloggers reviews. Hanna from Foxycheeks is not just a blogger but one of the biggest beautybloggers in Germany, so that makes it a little extra cool. A really nice start of the week. I love the part when she writes about how Floris from gave her a hint about the brand. “He knows my taste since a long time and when I wrote back telling him that I had been falling in love with these products, he answered: Haha I knew it! I suddenly had this realization, because M Picaut really almost feels like luxury conventional skin care, doesn’t it? Floris was right. M Picaut feels just like a normal luxury brand between your fingers, but has such beautiful and natural ingredients that you wouldn’t suspect it at first sight.“

I hope you will enjoy the week and the article from
Lots of love from Sweden, Mette


Like a luxurious spa ritual…

After a long hectic day I always look forward to wind down with my own personal bathroom spa ritual. I always start off with the cleansing. It feels so luxurious to use a foaming cleanser. My own, Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser, is silky light and mild at the same time. It does wonders for gloomy and stressed skin. Not only does it contains my favorite ingredient Sea buckthorn but also cucumber water – refreshes, and extract from lemon myrtle – a wonderful natural  scent. This ritual feel like such a treat to my self!
And it feels like an extra treat to see that more and more people are discovering Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser. It is nominated for “Best Facial Product of the Year” in Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2016 and also “Best Eco Product of the Year” in Organic Beauty Awards.

Learn more about the foaming cleanser here.

Love, Mette.

Calming Cocoon Cream – M Picaut
Beauty Tips

Hydra boosting and strenghtening

Less is more!
The skin is more vulnerable winter time. Rather use consistently few products with few mild (allergen free) ingredients. Ask your skin therapist for samples. A mild climate cream (a richer cream) strengthens and builds up and maintains the skin’s own barrier.

Ecoluxury – M Picaut

I was longing for a high-end organic skincare line.

A skincare line especially suited for the ever-changing Scandinavian climate is the idea behind the brand M Picaut. The products are today available in about 50 different beauty salons and spas, in six countries around the world. And new exiting product are on their way…

What was most important to you when planning to create M Picaut Swedish Skincare?
I wanted to clearly position us as a luxurious and high quality brand. Mild yet effective and locally produced. By doing this, really differentiate our brand from other organic brands. As a connoisseur you start with the best, the experts. So the journey started with the skin therapists discovering the brand. Today there are about 50 salons around Sweden that offer our spa and beauty treatments as well as our products. The journey has been fantastic and I’m incredibly proud of being able to work with many of the country’s finest skin therapists.

What was it you were missing on the Swedish skincare market?
Something that was both organic and results-oriented, containing the same product patents as in the big famous skincare brands available at the salons. The Bio-Tech ingredients are today by laboratories from both Switzerland and France. By offering the customer the best from two worlds means that they can now switch their usual brands to ecoluxury, without having to compromise the active ingredients. I also noticed that many people were etheric oil-intolerant so it became a challenge to create products that suited the variable Scandinavian climate. With other words; a climate-friendly ecoluxury line.

Which was your very first product?
We launched four products at the same time. The concept based on “Less is More” offered a cleanser, facial tonic, serum oil and an anti age cream containing Sea buckthorn and anti age peptides as our signature ingredients.

All the products are produced in Sweden. Why?
We really love being able to offer a product that is locally produced. In our case they’re all made in Mora, Sweden and I couldn’t imagine them being produces anywhere else but Sweden. We have very successful Swedish brand within the music and fashion industry. So why not skincare? We are confident that we’ll be able to offer attractive working positions. It simply feels right in so many ways.

Why are you making such an effort with organic ingredients?
I come from a family where organic was so natural, even before the word organic even existed. Dad, who was an architect, was very interested in how to use the earth’s resources in the best way.  He almost
He almost only ate organic food and was very particular about quality. And regarding health and beauty, my mother was always very alternative. Just like me. It must have come to me in the mothers milk!

Which is your favorite ingredient and why?
Sea buckthorn! It’s such a super berry and a skincare hero. Just to mention a few advantages; it is cell rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory. It strengthens the skin’s barriers and at the same time it’s mild and great for dry skin.

What is your skincare philosophy?
Easy! Less is More. To offer a multi-function product. For example; our facial peeling is a 2-in-1 mask containing both soothing patents as well as anti age ingredients. Basically 4 four functions in one jar. That’s how I would have liked it, instead of buying several different products.

How do feel today, looking back at the journey of M Picaut?
If I’d say that it hasn’t been to hard, I’d lie! But I’ve known the whole time that I have a product above the average. This has given me courage and strength to keep on going. I’m also grateful for all the great advice I’ve been given along the way.

How many M Picaut products are available today?
We offer 10 consumer products and about 15 products to professional skincare salons and spas.

How many countries is the brand available in today?
In Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland and we just launched in the U.S and Norway. During 2016 we’ll be expanding in Norway and Sweden.

How many new products are on their way?
As of now we are testing a facial mask with special features. The cold weather we have right now is great for the final adjustments of the product, with under freezing temperatures outside and dry air inside. We are always up new innovative projects, so more news are coming soon…

How do you see your future?
The challenge, when being in the same world as the cosmetic giants, is to be noticed. But we’ve received a lot of attention these last few years giving that magic feeling “it’s about the happen”.
Our focus will continually be on the ingredients and we’ll do our best to positively surprise our customers and also to listen to their opinions. In 2015 many celebrities discovered the brand, which we appreciated. I love surprises..!


Beauty Tips

Top 10 Winter Beauty Tips – No 10

Cold crisp winter air outside and warm dry air inside… winter time your skin need extra love. Vitamin boost, rehydrate and use mild cleansers. These are my best tips!

Deep hydrate!
Rehydrate the skin using hyaluronic acids (for ex. Hydra Miracle Serum) in combination with essential fatty acids of finest quality. Your first product applied to the skin should replenish and restore the hydra balance. The second product applied should nourish and give it a silky smooth feel (for ex. Precious Oil). If it’s really cold outside you should apply a third protecting layer performing as a  barrier ( for ex. Calming Cocoon Cream).
For extra turbo effect, try a few drops Hydra Miracle Serum under your other serums or creams. The Beauty Bloggers and Influencers calls this “Double Serum” and it’s pure warfare against gloomy winter skin!


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