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Hydra boosting and strenghtening

Less is more!
The skin is more vulnerable winter time. Rather use consistently few products with few mild (allergen free) ingredients. Ask your skin therapist for samples. A mild climate cream (a richer cream) strengthens and builds up and maintains the skin’s own barrier.

Beauty Tips

Top 10 Winter Beauty Tips – No 10

Cold crisp winter air outside and warm dry air inside… winter time your skin need extra love. Vitamin boost, rehydrate and use mild cleansers. These are my best tips!

Deep hydrate!
Rehydrate the skin using hyaluronic acids (for ex. Hydra Miracle Serum) in combination with essential fatty acids of finest quality. Your first product applied to the skin should replenish and restore the hydra balance. The second product applied should nourish and give it a silky smooth feel (for ex. Precious Oil). If it’s really cold outside you should apply a third protecting layer performing as a  barrier ( for ex. Calming Cocoon Cream).
For extra turbo effect, try a few drops Hydra Miracle Serum under your other serums or creams. The Beauty Bloggers and Influencers calls this “Double Serum” and it’s pure warfare against gloomy winter skin!


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