31 Mar

Drops de luxe with ruby and niacinamide

Ruby Passion Probiotic Lifting Serum – a new serum by the awarded skincare line M Picaut Swedish Skincare, who is also celebrating a 10 year anniversary. Niacinamide, with anti-age properties, and red ruby with glowing warmth, are two of the ingredients in M Picaut’s new Ruby Passion Probiotic Lifting Serum.

– We are celebrating our 10th anniversary and ruby is the perfect symbol for what we stand for. Making skincare with passion! says Mette Picaut, founder and CEO of M Picaut.

The Swedish skincare line M Picaut is celebrating their 10th year in business with an exiting launch of the luxurious serum Ruby Passion Probiotic Lifting Serum.

– Last fall we launched two facial creams with probiotics and gems, and these two products have become best sellers since then. Now it’s time for the little sister, a serum made of drops de luxe. We have been perfecting this formula for years and it feels amazing to be able to release the product now. says Mette Picaut.

The serum gives an intense och deep anti-age boost thanks to niacinamide, several ceramides, hyaluronic acid and squalane. The formula also contains ruby, a precious gem said to strengthen and nourish the skin for a more vibrantly energized complexion.

– Personally this intensely red ruby stands for passion and vitality, but above all, the love for what we. Eco luxury skincare that shows results and is gentle to your skin as well as our nature. says Mette Picaut.

Niacinamide, the active vitamin B3, fortifies the skin barrier and strengthens the outer skin barrier, minimises pores and improves overall skin condition.

– Niacinamide boosters are very trendy right now. They calm, repair and lift your skin. Ruby Passion Probiotic Lifting Serum contains such high levels of niacinamide that we pretty much could have launched it as a booster. But I always think “less is more”. One product with many functions give us a smarter content and less products on the shelf. So much better for both humans and the environment. says Mette Picaut.

Ceramides occur naturally in our skin and keeps it supple and smooth, but as we grow older we lose some of the ceramides.

–The serum is made by a complex based on three natural ceramides. It helps regenerate skin elasticity and also gives an anti-age effect.

Pre-and postbiotic maintain and energizes strengthens the skins own microflora, for a healthier and more resistent skin. Combined with hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the skins own collagen production, and hydrating squalene the result is a anti-age serum that both strengthens and deeply moisturizes the skin djupet.

– A serum should feel like a high-end piece made of finest silk, light and luxurious, yet effective. Ruby Passion Probiotic Lifting Serum builds up your skin, both from the inside out. And from the outside and in. says Mette Picaut.

– Basically locally produced skincare with extra everything, and some more!


Ruby Passion Probiotic Lifting Serum (30 ml) is available at licensed beauticians, spas and selected web shops.

  • Deep anti-age boost.
  • Strengthens, calms and balances your skin.
  • Softens fine lines.
  • Deeply hydrates.
  • Smooths the skin.
  • For normal, mature, dry, mixed and/or dry skin.
  • To be used morning and/or evening after cleansing.
  • Vegan.