M Picaut – Ingredienser

Huvuddelen av våra ingredienser är odlade utan användning av bekämpningsmedel eller andra gifter. Vi väljer bara de allra bästa råvarorna av högsta kvalitet och tillverkar våra produkter i Sverige. Förpackningarna är i återvinningsbart glas eller miljövänligt plast och vi strävar efter att göra så lite inverkan som möjligt på miljön. För en naturlig hudvård med resultat.

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White clay

An astragent yet mild and calming clay Rich in minerals. Also suitable on sensitive skin.

Heather flower

Soothing and anti inflammatory properties on sensitive skin. Also said to promote skin elasticity.


A green crystal that is said to bring fortune and helps us to follow our dreams. Rich in minerals and trace elements.


A potent anti age antioxidant. Important to the skin in order to protect against free radicals which will accelerate the oxidation process and the aging of the skin. Perfect as a night cream – as it has been said to  rebuild damaged skin. Resveratrol effectively prolongs the cell life and protects against free radicals. 


A smart exfoliator with natural microbeads, filled with soothing Pantenol (Vit. B5) calmes the skin and the beads exfoliates gently yet effectively.

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth. Repairs the collagen and is good for skin problems such as eczema, acne etc. Diatoms from algae is sometimes mistaken as clay, but is actually made through sedimentation over millions of years on the ocean floor. It consists of 89% silica, known as the beauty mineral. Tonifies the skin, stimulates collagen synthesis and gives the skin a nice boost of minerals.

Volcanic Mineral

Volcanic mineral is used in skin care to give oily skin a matte surface, without drying out.

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon, sometimes called “a magnet for dirt” due to its ability to attract other substances and deeply cleanse the skin from grease and impurities. Especially good for slightly oily skin or acne prone skin. Activated carbon is anti-inflammatory and has healing properties.

Zinc PCA

Zinc PCA is very effective against oily or acne prone skin. It helps balancing the sebum production of the skin and is also moisturizing. It also improves the effects as well as the absorption of zinc.

Nordic Cotton Plant

Nordic Cotton Plant is extracted from the wooly flower and the stem. It has calming and protective properties and is good for sensitive skin. It contains various sugars, polyphenols och minerals.