14 Mar

Like a luxurious spa ritual…

After a long hectic day I always look forward to wind down with my own personal bathroom spa ritual. I always start off with the cleansing. It feels so luxurious to use a foaming cleanser. My own, Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser, is silky light and mild at the same time. It does wonders for gloomy and stressed skin. Not only does it contains my favorite ingredient Sea buckthorn but also cucumber water – refreshes, and extract from lemon myrtle – a wonderful natural  scent. This ritual feel like such a treat to my self!
And it feels like an extra treat to see that more and more people are discovering Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser. It is nominated for “Best Facial Product of the Year” in Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2016 and also “Best Eco Product of the Year” in Organic Beauty Awards.

Learn more about the foaming cleanser here.

Love, Mette.