28 Jan

“A little moisturiser doesn’t make you less of a man”

Jamie Theo

“I love everything about M Picaut Swedish Skincare, especially the concept with it’s philosophy; that nature can supply us with all we need. I think that most of us men use moisturiser now and then but not on a daily basis. And the guys that do use products don’t really brag about it. That only women would need skincare is just a part of gender stereotyping. All types of skin need some loving regardless of sex. As soon as I started using M Picaut products I noticed a difference. My skin is now glowing and looks more healthy. I absolutely feel that more men should start taking care of themselves and use skincare products. A little moisturiser, day and night, doesn’t make you less of a man, I promise! For my personal skincare routine I use cleanser, moisturiser and eye cream. And of course only organic products!

Jamies Top 5 skincare products:

  1. M Picaut Precious Eye Cream
  2. M Picaut Skin Perfect Moisturiser
  3. Korres White Tea Facial Fluid Gel Cleanser
  4. Kiehls Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Eye Repair
  5. Apivita Men’s Care After Shave Balm

Name: Jamie Theo
Age: 25
Lives: Athen, Greece
Occupation: Economy student