10 Jan

“I’m forever thankful”

Gitte Östergaard

I have mixed and sensitive skin with atopic dermatitis. A condition that leaves red, irritated itching areas, mostly around my eyes and on my eyelids. Water just aggravates the eczema and I’ve tried a lot of things to treat it. Cortisone usually helps, but the area around the eyes is very sensitive so I’d rather avoid using it since it has side effects. I discovered M Picaut’s products through a danish blogger and I got curious. So I went to a lecture by Mette held at Falsterbonäset Spa and after that I tried her products. They really worked a miracle on my skin! Not only do I now have soft and smooth skin with an amazing glow, but the best of all is that I can use the creams around my eyes and therefore get rid of my eczema. I can use Skin Perfect Moisturiser around my eyes with no problem and it moisturises the dry patches. It feels like a blessing, especially since I’ve tried just about everything with no results. Before I apply the Skin Perfect Moisturiser I use Hydra Miracle Serum which makes my skin smooth and calms the redness. I believe natural way is the best way. It just has to be, right?! Organic products without parabens and additives have helped me gently and effectively treat and combat my eczema for the first time. I’m forever thankful!

Gitte uses:
“In the morning I rinse my face with water and then put on some Hydra Miracle Serum and Skin Perfect Moisturiser. In the evening I clean the face with Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser and then apply both Precious Oil and Skin Perfect Moisturizer again. On top of that I use the Serum on my cuticles, hands and feet a few times a week.”

Name: Gitte Östergaard
Age: 49
Lives in: Lomma, Sweden
Occupation: Consult at XO Management & Consulting