4 Feb

Right combination of natural ingredients and the fact that the products really work

Catarina Pap de Pestény

Photography: Joakim Rolandsson

What makes me a true believer of M Picaut skincare is the right combination of natural ingredients and the fact that the products really work. My profession has taught me what works and Mettes concept is using both the right ethical principles and the right technology for designing a great skincare line.
One of my absolute favourites is the facial cleanser Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser. The clean cucumber scent is amazing! I have a hard time with skincare product that smells too much. But the scents in the M Picaut products are never that. Instead the scent is very modern and subtle. I also use Skin Perfect Moisturiser as a facial day cream and Hydra Miracle Serum. The pump bottles are both functional and practical. And the best part is that they are air-tight. Night time I use Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask. It suit me so well to skip that last step of removing the facial mask. Things that take to much time or need to many steps, I eliminate. The mask is so easy and I’ve used it almost every night this winter and spring. It’s a wonderful moisturiser and removes those fine lines that sometimes appear in cold dry weather. When I use the mask my skin is so replenished that I hardly feel the need to apply any more cream in the morning.
The fact that M Picaut’s skincare uses natural ingredient is important to me. And I choose organic skincare because I care about our planet.

Catarina Pap de Pestény
Lives: In Stockholm.
Profession: CEO and founder of Acadermia, Scandinavias largest Beauty and Anti-Aging Fair