8 Feb

News from M Picaut: “Hydration Serum for a Sun-Kissed Glow”

Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops

Say goodbye to dull winter skin with Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops. A moisturizing serum and highly concentrated self-tanning drops with sea buckthorn and aloe vera.
“This gives your skin both a golden hue and a delightful vitamin boost!” says Mette Picaut, founder and CEO of M Picaut Swedish Skincare.

With Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops, you choose how much color you want, while the ingredients provide a vitamin kick and a toning effect. Simply drop the product into your favorite cream or serum from M Picaut and count how many drops you need to achieve the sun-kissed look you desire.
“As easy as pie! Additionally, it revitalizes tired skin with fine vitamins from aloe vera and the super-berry sea buckthorn,” says Mette Picaut.

Many self-tanning products have different shades to choose from, but here, only one product is needed for the face and décolletage. The “less is more” principle that characterizes the philosophy behind all skincare products from M Picaut applies here too. A few products, packed with the finest ingredients, should have the power to do a lot for the skin.
You determine the number of drops you need by experimenting. Try 2–3 drops the first time and increase gradually to find the exact dose that suits you.
“The idea is to build up the dose. Apply a little every day until you achieve the result you like. This way, your newfound glow will look very natural,” says Mette Picaut.

Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops are fragrance-free, have a long shelf life, and contain a variety of exciting natural ingredients. How about the super-berry sea buckthorn, providing the skin with a vitamin C boost and recducing signs of aging, provitamin B5 for moisture, soothing, and repair, and aloe vera, which has healing and moisture-retaining properties while accelerating natural cell growth.
“I believe Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops will become a favorite for many! I love that it’s so easy to apply and provides an incredibly nice and natural result. Plus, it’s concentrated. A few drops moisturizes the skin wonderfully, just like a really good hydration serum should!”

Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops (30 ml) is available for purchase at authorized skincare therapists, spas, and selected webshops. The recommended price is 499 SEK at retailers.


Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops:

  • Gradually builds up a sun-kissed complexion.
  • Provides a discreet and natural look.
  • Gives a deep hydration boost.
  • Strengthens the skin’s barrier function.


  • Aloe vera deeply hydrates the skin.
  • Sea buckthorn heals damaged skin and protects against harmful sun rays.
  • DHA and erythrulose provide a sun-kissed complexion without sun exposure.
  • Hydra complex with sugar derivatives xylitylglucoside, anhydroxylitol, and xylitol restores and balances the skin’s moisture levels.
  • Provitamin B5 stabilizes the skin’s barrier function, provides elasticity, soothes, and repairs.

How to use Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops:

  1. Choose a face cream or face serum.
  2. Drop or pump the right amount of your serum or cream directly into your palm.
  3. Add the recommended dose. Two to three drops are suitable to start with for the face. Gradually increase if necessary.
  4. Mix thoroughly. The drops should be well mixed in with serum or cream before applying to the skin.
  5. Apply. Distribute the mixture evenly over your face. Don’t forget the neck and décolletage.
  6. Wash hands. After application make sure to wash your hands thoroughly.
  7. Golden Elixir Self Tan Drops provide a gradual effect with visible results after around 4 hours.