16 Jan

News from M Picaut: ” Moisturising facial toner with aquamarine crystal”

Aquamarine Bliss Treatment Toner is a new generation facial toner with a treatment effect. Thanks to its serum-like consistency and vitamin-rich ingredients such as cloudberry, prebiotics and aquamarine crystal.

– This is an advanced facial toner that treats and moisturises your skin on multiple levels,” says Mette Picaut, founder and CEO of M Picaut Swedish Skincare.

M Picaut Swedish Skincare launches Aquamarine Bliss Treatment Toner. A blend of facial toner and serum with cloudberry, prebiotics and aquamarine crystal.

She describes the new facial toner Aquamarine Bliss Treatment Toner as a “hybrid between facial toner and serum” in a spray bottle.

– One of our skincare therapists suggested that we would create a new facial toner that was “more” than just a facial toner and almost like a treatment, says Mette Picaut.
The result is Aquamarine Bliss Treatment Toner. A new type of facial toner with a serum-like consistency that both moisturises and protects the skin. Prebiotics and oat extract calm and strengthen, vitamin C-rich berries like cloudberry and sea buckthorn moisturise and give the skin new energy, and B-Circadin, extract from the flower Lespedeza Capitata, protects the skin from pollution and the blue light from computers and screens.

– This is a versatile and advanced facial toner that deeply moisturises and takes care of fine lines while protecting, calming and providing a more even skin tone, says Mette Picaut.
One of the new exciting ingredients, which also gave the facial toner its name, is the sea blue crystal aquamarine.

– Aquamarine has a translucent blue color and is said to have been a good luck charm and protection to sailors. It is rich in minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the skin, says Mette Picaut.
Other new ingredients are B-Circadin and rose water. B-Circadin is an extract from the flower Lespedeza Capitata and reduces signs of tired skin as well as protects against blue light. Rose water with its high antioxidant content accelerates collagen production in the skin, moisturises, calms and heals as well as reduces the risk of pigmentation.

– This is the facial toner for you who crave advanced organic and luxurious skincare with extra everything in terms of moisturisers, content and function. Perfect for your daily skincare routine, but also to fix foundation or mineral powder and give a lasting makeup and a fine surface. Great in front of the computer, says Mette Picaut.
– Also, it has a subtle, fresh slightly zesty, rose scent that is completely addictive. Simply put, a real wow-water!

Aquamarine Bliss Treatment Toner

  • Deeply moisturises.
  • Fills out fine lines.
  • Protects the skin from blue light and pollution.
  • Calms and strengthens the skin barrier.
  • Gives clearer skin and an even skin tone.


  • Aquamarine crystal is rich in minerals and trace elements.
  • Cloudberry gives new energy and a more even skin tone. Reduces sensitivity, redness and acne.
  • Rose water accelerates collagen production, soothes redness and strengthens the skin.
  • B-Circadin reduces signs of tired skin and protects from blue light.
  • Sea buckthorn extract is anti-inflammatory and has an anti-aging effect.
  • Prebiotics nourish the skin’s good bacteria and balance skin problems.
  • Pentavitin deeply hydrates.
  • Hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen and elastin production for firmer skin.
  • Oat extract soothes and helps problem skin such as acne and psoriasis. With anti-inflammatory and moisturising benefits.