5 Feb

Niacinamide has anti-age effect and reduces sun damage

Mette about one of her new favourite ingredients:

Few things make me as enthusiastic as discovering ingredients that are both effective and safe to use. One of the favourites is Niacinamide (vitamin B3), that is found in our luxurious face mask Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask!

Recently Niacinamide has reached the status of a ”buzz-ingredient” in the Beauty world, with the reputation of true efficiency.

This caught my interest and of course led to a decision early on in designing our super luxurious ”Cinderella-like” face mask Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask.

I decided that I would pair it with both semi-precious stone Malachite, Hyaluronic acid and the hydra complex Pentavitin. Niacinamide is a vitamin (B3) which the body uses for creating energy and is vital for fatigue and depression. Applied on skin the vitamin improves skin conditions like enlarged pores, fine lines and revive skin’s healthy tone and texture.

I was especially drawn to the anti-inflammatory properties and fact that it also helps against those most-not-wanted age spot. Other great bonuses are of course that it is beneficial to sun exposed skin and works as an anti-age against fine lines and wrinkles. Because Niacinamide plays a role in creating healthy body cells the long-term effect is that it builds up a natural defence against skin damage such as UV-rays.

The rumour is that it would even minimise pores and at first I thought it was to good to be true. But it actually works! The vitamin B helps the skin to stay soft, supple and hydrated and with that starts a natural process of shrinkage of pore size. Isn’t that fantastic! (I usually compare it to fish that is up on dry land. While waiting for the water to return they lay there with mouths open widening more and more… maybe a bit crazy of a comparison, but it makes all sense to me. If you rehydrate the skin it becomes more elastic and the pores becomes smaller since they don’t have to stay ”open” anymore.)

When creating a recipe for a new product, to achieve a better effect you can combine ingredients that ”boost” each other. Niacinamide and Hyaluronic acid is one example. The Hyaluronic acid is water-binding and improves skin elasticity and with Niacinamide the combination becomes a real super-duo in our Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask just to give us silky soft skin. If you even want to take it one step further I recommend adding a few drops of Hydra Miracle Serum to your face before applying the mask. Hydra Miracle Serum is a true hydra bomb which is completely packed with Hyaluronic acid and hydrating ingredients. The effect of Hydra Lagoon Overnight Mask becomes even more exiting in combination with these tiny hydrating molecules. Because the mask acts like a lid a traps in the moisture the serum only has ”one way” to go, deep into the skin.
This combination appears to be very appreciated. Our Cinderella-mask was recently chosen as a favourite beauty-product by Damernas Värld (Swedish lifestyle magazine). 5 out of 5 points!

So thank you Niacinamide, skins best friend. You give us result without irritating or disturbing the skin barrier. You go!


  • has anti-age effects on fine lines and wrinkles
  • improves skin pigmentation
  • strengthens skin’s barrier and elasticity
  • reduces sun damage in skin
  • improves skin tone
  • minimises enlarged pores
  • hydrates