The Sea buckthorn has been known to herbalists since ancient times for its heeling properties. The extract from the pulp, which we use in our M Picaut products, has only recently become available and seems to be taking the natural skincare industry by storm.

An anti-ageing ingredient Bio-active substances in the oil from the seed and pulp are now used in our applications for anti-ageing; our cleanser, exfoliator, serum, eye cream and mosituriser.
Seabuckthorn is unique in that it significantly strengthens the wall of individual cells and capillaries, while softening the tissue of the skin.
It has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, why its oil is so good for acne patients. The oil is trans-dermal (goes down through several layers of skin). Its also famous for its anti-wrinkle effect.
Products containing Sea buckthorn promotes cell tissue regeneration, thus aiding in the healing of wound, and restoring skin tissue. Pigmentation can also be improved with time, thanks to its high dose of natural vitamin A.
Interesting to know is that the pulp contains: 30% palmitoleic acid (natural vitamin A,- 1900 IU of Provitamine A per gram extract), carotinoids (including a high level o beta-carotine, – seen as the deep orange colour), rich in vitamin C, natural tocopherols (E-vitamin). Also rich in vitamin B, zink, iron, calcium, magnesium.
Clinical experiments in Shantow Tropical Disease Hospital and the Shanxi Pharmaceutical Research Institute indicates that cosmetics containing Sea buckthorn can improve metabolism and retard skin maturation, slowing the aging process, because the effects of its high levels of vitamin A and E.
Sea buckthorn is said to have proven effect in the treatment of skin conditions including burns, acne and dermatitis of various forms. Russian cosmonauts use its oil for protection against radiation burns in space.

  • Slows aging, making the skin velvety soft and elastic
  • Ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin
  • A natural UV protector
  • May prevent sun allergy
  • Can be used to heal wounds and minor burns
  • Good for psoriasis, acne, eczema, neurodermatitis