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We avoid

The skin is the biggest organ in the human body and it needs the right nourishment to feel good. Natural, plant-based oils are the ideal moisturiser because they do not clog the pores but rather allow the skin to breathe.

Mineral Oil We avoid mineral oil (also known as petroleum jelly or paraffin), an extremely cheap commodity with a long lasting expiration period. According to many sources, the problem with mineral oil is that when you wash the cream off, you also tend to wash off the protective film of your skin, leaving your skin feeling very dry. This means you need to moisturise your skin soon again, and it quickly becomes a vicious circle. Those promoting natural skincare say the creams based on mineral oil are addictive and never give the skin a chance to breathe, leaving the pores clogged and perspiration of the tallow is prevented. This could be one cause of acne and other similar skin problems. What is important to remember is that a healthy lifestyle also has an effect on your skin; what we eat, how clean the air is that we breathe, whether we smoke or not, ets.

Surfactants Another much debated ingredient is the synthetic tensides, among which the most common ones are lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate. These are cheap and readily foam, but are said to have the ability to wash your skin naturals protection off so effectively that fatty acids, enzymes , natural essential bacteria and your skins own pH-value all fall out of balance.

Parabens Preservatives are a necessary evil, which needs to be included for microbes and other unwelcome visitors not to thrive. It is, however, possible to avoid parabens, which are said to disturb the hormonal balance of your skin and are not biodegradable in nature.

Perfume comes in many different variations. Because many people are overly sensitive to essential oils, we decided to use a hypo-allergic scent, which is especially developed for those of us who have sensitive skin. It is very kind to our skin and is sparsely used in our cream and our cleanser. The tonic and serum are not perfumed at all. Our organic rosemary antioxidant also gives a mild, natural scent.

Last, but not least, I believe less is more when developing a skincare product. Our priority is to use what nature has to offer and to choose these products from farmers who care about their crops and about the environment to the highest possible content. I also believe that your skin, our body and soul and everything living all strive towards homeostasis, to achieve a balance. This means our task is to provide thriving conditions for this to be achieved- for a happier planet if nothing else.