24 Apr

We won Swedish Beauty Awards 2016

Congratulations Mette Picaut, who took home first prize in this year’s Facial Skincare Product of the Year at the Swedish Beauty Awards 2016. You won among 30 brands and 50 products. How does it feel?

Somewhat surprised, extremely fun and almost a bit unreal! The fact that one of our products wins the largest and most prestigious gala for beauty and cosmetics feels like a great reward. And that an organic product wins first prize on an extremely competitive market is awesome. It’s a real confirmation of how important it is to stay true to yourself, to follow your passion and to stay with your long term vision.

What does this award mean to you?

When I was up there on stage to accept the award, I couldn’t help but look over the more than 400 people in the audience and think “it all started with a whisk in the kitchen”! To see all the big international companies represented – and there it was I to receive this award … It was truly a “David versus Goliath” feeling.

What does it mean to M Picaut?

I hope that this will pave the way for other strong Swedish brands within the beauty industry. We, at M Picaut have a solid concept and a tone that the audience love and we succeed in delivering great, luxurious products that are received in the best way. I am very grateful.

Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser’s a relatively new product, does this spur you on to further expand the skincare line?

Yes, I always work with the focus on the future. M Picaut was born out of caring for our environment. I wanted to create a product containing the very best for Nordic skin. And I have this passion to create something unique and more advanced than other green brands. So there’s a lot to look forward to …

Why do you think that Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser has become so popular?

It is an amazingly clean and sensual product that offers an experience of fragrance and balance without being predictable. Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser is entirely made of ”no nasties”. We use natural ingredients like Cucumber Juice, Sea Buckthorne, Lemon Myrtle that gently cleanse the skin. It just makes you happy. And it’s fluffy. Who can resist that?!

What does spring and summer look like at M Picaut?

We’ll be doing the final fine tuning for the fall launches. I will lecture at Glam Day, June 11th, organized by Daisy Beauty Magazine. Also, I have a lot of events at spas and skincare salons around Sweden where I hope to meet lots of lovely customers there.

About the Award

Glorious Green Foaming Cleanser – Winner of  Facial Skincare Product of the Year at Swedish Beauty Awards, 2016.
Jury’s motivation: ”This silky smooth citrus-scented eco-cleansing foam effectively cleans without drying out”