11 Apr

Wonderful blogg love from Germany!

It’s always great and lots of fun reading other beauty bloggers reviews. Hanna from Foxycheeks is not just a blogger but one of the biggest beautybloggers in Germany, so that makes it a little extra cool. A really nice start of the week. I love the part when she writes about how Floris from amazingy.com gave her a hint about the brand. “He knows my taste since a long time and when I wrote back telling him that I had been falling in love with these products, he answered: Haha I knew it! I suddenly had this realization, because M Picaut really almost feels like luxury conventional skin care, doesn’t it? Floris was right. M Picaut feels just like a normal luxury brand between your fingers, but has such beautiful and natural ingredients that you wouldn’t suspect it at first sight.“

I hope you will enjoy the week and the article from foxycheeks.com
Lots of love from Sweden, Mette