14 Feb

“Precious Oil does wonders for my skin!”

Therese Merkel, Alcazar

As a performer you use a lot of make up and foundation, you sweat on stage and you rush around when on tour, which exposes your skin to different kinds of stress. To keep a clean and moist face is key. I’ve always had dry skin and I’ve tried countless products but never found a satisfying solution for my dry skin. It was actually our make up-artist Conny Bäckström, who introduced me to Mette’s products. He knew about my skin condition and gave me Calming Cocoon Cream as a birthday present. It was love at first sight! I’m finally in control of my skin and it’s healthier, softer and glowing. Precious Oil with Seabuckthorne is another of my favourites. It does wonders for my dry skin and I love it! Together with Hydra Miracle Serum and Calming Cocoon Cream, they are my top three favourite skincare products that I just can’t do without! To use organic products feels great, not only because it’s the best for your skin but also for your conscience and the environment. What’s best for nature is simply what’s best for me!

Tess uses:
“I clean my face every day with either Glorious Green Foaming Cleaner or Nourishing Cleanser. After that I dab on Hydra Miracle Serum or Precious Oil and finish with Calming Cocoon Cream. I also always keep Precious Oil in my bag so that I can apply some more during the day, in case my skin feels a little dry.

Name: Theresa “Tess” Merkel
Age: 45
Lives in: Nyköping, Sweden
Occupation: Singer, Member of the pop group Alcazar